Girl trying to destroy my relationship with girlfriend, saying that I'm cheating, she is lesbian, and girlfriend is bi, they are friends, what do I do? Help?

My girlfriend has been friends with this girl even before we got together we are both 20, they were friends in highschool, this girl doesn't like me at all and she is lesbian, my girlfriend when we got together informed me she was bi and I was okay with that. But now my girlfriend friend is saying that I'm a cheater and whispering sweet things in my girlfriend ear and she even had this other girl that she knows lie and pretend she knew who I was saying my name and saying that I was flirting with her etc, saying stuff that only my girlfriend should know, but she knows these things because my girlfriend tells her friend about us, you know how girls talk. Now the lesbian girl likes my girlfriend and apparently they have been together before in the past and she is telling my girlfriend I'm a pig and lying chauvinistic man, i don't get it, lol, I have been nothing but the best guy, I'm not an asshole I have treated her and lavished her the way a girl should be treated , and now I have all this drama and me being painted as a sexist chauvinistic guy all because this lesbian girl wants my girlfriend, and now my girlfriend has been treating me differently and has gone over to this other girls house, she just doesn't seem to believe me and believes her friend more, after all the stuff we've been through, I asked this in another forum but the girls said that I should let her have a lesbian relationship and that if I dont I would be controlling and that I should get over it and girls in my life have said that I should get over it and stop being a child about it too, I just don't get it lol, women have confused me all my life, am i really in the wrong, am I a bad guy? Girls can seriously destroy your reputation, I really don't know what do, advice?


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  • Whatever other girls in that other forum are dumb fucks. This is your girlfriend, you want to be with her, and someone else is trying to take her away by talking shit about you. It doesn't matter whether it's another girl or a guy. If your girlfriend wants a relationship with that chick instead then let her go, like end it. I think it says something that she doesn't trust your word when you've given her no reason to assume you've been unfaithful otherwise. Sit your girlfriend down and talk to her. Ask her what she's insecure about, how you can make it better, promise that you haven't been and never will do anything to cheat or hurt her. Let her tell you everything that's making her doubt you, and if she's unwilling to do so, then tell her very clearly that you are extremely hurt by this situation because you don't think you deserve this type of treatment, especially because you've done nothing wrong and she has nothing to prove that you've done anything, and that you will be leaving because you deserve to be treated better by someone who claims to love you.

    • Like I told the other guy it just sucks because after I try to be the best boyfriend I can and open up to my girlfriend I'm being called and labelled all these nasty names and I am none of these things, I'm not gonna say I'm the stereotypical nice guy because I can be bold etc and exciting but I am definitely not sexist or chauvinistic or a pig lol, like I told the other guy below too, then you have real bad guys who are breaking girls hearts or hitting girls but to a lot of people they are viewed as badass where as me, I didn't even do anything but I'm being crucified all because this girl wants my girlfriend and all this drama is being causes and no matter what I can't win, no matter what outcome I'm gonna have the labels stuck to me of being all these things and it really is getting to me you know, I'm not gonna lie, I really am feeling depressed because I see these other guys who are assholes viewed as badasses by guys and cute by girls and here me getting crucified, it's depressing me lol

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    • I believe you dude, but she doesn't :/ if it's hurting you so much why stay? Make clear your position and who you are, and leave.

    • thanks for MH, I hope you get things figured out with your girlfriend.

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  • Just state your plain truth quietly and clearly, and if your girlfriend is so stupid as to believe her bitch dyke friend, it is her loss.

    • It just sucks you know, I pour my heart out to this girl but then, this happens and now I'm being labelled a sexist pig and all these other nasty names when I'm not even the bad guy, where the real bad guys are out there breaking girls heart but somehow are viewed as badass etc, I'm being crucified over this when I never did anything wrong just because this girl is trying to get my girlfriend and it really is getting to me, I just can't win.

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    • 1. Lol how did you know?

      2. I'm not sure if I could do that because there is a chance the same thing could happen in the future you know and I see where you are coming from, we are both college aged and the confusion part I see too, I guess will just have to play it out but make my voice clear that I don't like being disrespected or labelled these names and either we can work through the relationship or its over, is that good?

    • 1. Been there, done that. I was at university in the San Francisco area. You wouldn't happen to be in California, would you?

      2. Well, also being in the San Francisco area, I turned to the East Asian persuasion, who (a) were far more traditional and (b) they or their parents were often refugees from Communist lands, so they didn't buy into the Left indoctrination. (Damn where is Joe McCarthy now that we really need him? But I digress).

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