Will I ever get a girlfriend if I've reached the age I am now without ever dating? Everyone else has so much more experience?

I also have never really asked a girl out in person. And I think I'm just not attractive to many women. Small, quiet, introverted, average looks. I've been meeting and getting to know women but never goes beyond acquaintance.

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  • You need to try hard in the sense to put yourself out there. Girls will not come to magically, thought it is possible. (ive had a couple girls in high school come to me but i was way to nervous to do anything about it) . now that im in college, living alone, etc. it is time to make my own decisions. do you want a girl just for the comfort and company and sexual pleasure? Or would you rather find the girl that you WANT and WANTS you back? In that case, it is called love. Im on the search for such a soulmate. But you Must try :).
    It might require you changing your habits, if girls are not approaching you or turn away. Are you clean? Do you dress well? Do you exercise and stay in shape? You must be happy with yourself before finding happiness with other people.

    • in what ways are you looking for love?

    • I am just living life how i live it. Doing what makes me happy. I try to meet new people. Say hi to them, engage in light conversation, male or female. If I sense a mutual connection being formed, I will take the effort to pursue that forward. The key i think is to be yourself. Don't put on a mask and assume a different way to act when interacting with other people. I did that for the longest time and it just contributed to anxiety, and made me not want to talk to anyone, girls or guys alike. Now i am trying harder to speak as a human to another human. Look past their physcial qualities (appreciate but look past it). I am trying to find someone real, someone who "gets" me.

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  • Why do you care about if other people have more experience. Start living the life you want without all the worry, work on your dreams, work on your goals, make your life amazing. When you focus on you to make a better life for yourself, there will be a girl waiting their for you and you didn't even see it coming. It will just happen.

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