How do I get over someone and it's been 4 months?

I met this guy and I felt emotionally connected to him.. Intensely. He was good looking too. We talked about deep things, FaceTimed and texted a lot. Had a lot in common. His lifestyle was different from mine. He sold/grew weed and I'm a goody two shoe that does the right thing. Anyways I drove to him. Hung out for two days. No sex. I went home and he told me he liked me and wanted to get to know me. He said he was going to be busy next two days and I said okay. He didn't text me for 4-5 days. I text him he said he was working- I said okay. He didn't reach out for another day. I confronted him and he got defensive. Said I was irrational. He ignored me for 2 weeks- he came back. Tried to talk it out with him- we argued and I said some nasty things/ he attacked me emotionally. We said goodbye on bad terms. I emailed him a few weeks later apologizing on my part for saying rude things and I wouldn't contact him anymore after that. It's been 4 months and I still think of him a lot. i can't wrap my head around the situation. I believe we were both at fault. He stated he was truly busy but I really have a gut feeling he wasn't that busy. I try saying to take my mind off- but they never last. I work and go to school. Any tips? I can't reach back out to him because I don't have his number- but when I think of him my feels feel intense still.


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  • But you're not over someone you didn't even date. I think you need to meet someone new to take your mind off of him

    • Honestly felt like we were dating. We argued like we were but yeah I'm trying to find someone else to get my mind off