Break it off with him or go with the flow?

I've been dating this guy for 2 months now and i dont think that it'll be serious. First, he's a busy person and second, i dont feel for him too strongly.. Been intimate with him already and i spend a good time with him. Its just feelings aren't strong enough.

Is it better to cut it off? Anyhow, we've been quite open with our status. We met online and pretty much he's still on the look out.


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  • Everything here, dear, Is telling me and I see tha tit is 'Telling' you More in Store That.. There is nothing More.
    I your own way, Whatever day you and he can get on the same Schedule, Get on the same Page so there is no Hard feelings, Nor.. Rage, Which with him 'Still on the look out,' Looks like this Stats Sailor is going to let you off the Hookup line easy.
    Good luck. xx

  • I would. I have a deal with myself now. If i do not like a guy a lot i will not date him because i do not want to taste my time with a guy that i just like a little.

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