How to respond to this question when asking someone out?

So this happened quite some time ago for me, and it's interesting I've not encountered it since but I want opinions on it.

So a long time ago I knew a girl and we were kind of friends. We'd talk but we were not very close friends. I decided at one point to ask her out. I posed the question specifically as follows, "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

Her response was a question, and it was, "As friends or more than friends?"

It threw me for a loop, as I figured my original question was not a vague "Hey we should hangout!" statement.

My question is first, whether the clarification she asked for was really necessary based on how I asked the question?

Second, what would be the best way to answer this if you're unsure? For example, you think maybe friends is the best route for now. But don't necessarily want to be closed off to something more. Or should this be clearly defined from the start, no matter what?

Just looking for opinions/advice should I run into this question again.


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  • Your original question "should we go out sometime" can be interpreted different ways, so she was merely trying to clarify your intention. And the intention should have been decided before that question is asked, therefore when you're posed with the question "As friends or more?" you respond with an answer that clearly shows you intention, as more than friends or not?

    • Yes but not always easy to do before you know someone that we'll. lol

    • Then don't ask them to hang out in the first place unless you know what you want.

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  • "whatevers most comfortable for you"

    • There are so many things wrong about saying this. Even I know. Lol

    • Then stop making it so complicated. You're a grown man. Just say friends or more than friends

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