Heyyy I need to know if this guy likes me?

Soo we have known each other all of our lives but never well, wed see each other at parties and stuff like that, he's 16 and Im 14.
recently we both went to camp and he flirted with me the whole time, calling me blondie, throwing me in the lake, hugging me, stealing my blanket so we had to share :)
Then when camp ended I was sad since I really like him but I thought that was the end, but then he asked my friend for my number a few days later, now we talk every night for hours and he has said he finds me cute and that I have a nice ass he also said this once:
So I mentioned wanting to go to a bar to get alcohol ad he said this:I dont want girls let alone the girl I like to go to bars since its dangerous.
I know Im technically too young to drink but I lie in a town where kids start drinking at 12 and do drugs and smoke weed soo yh :)

Do you think he likes me?


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  • I'm sure he likes you. It's really obvious!
    You should listen to him. He really cares about you when he asked you to not go to bars and get alcohol. I'm no one to judge but honestly it's kind of bad for your health in the long run. If you really can't quit it right away at least don't overdo it. I hope you don't do drugs and smoke weed though. That's like poisoning yourself over time.

    Anyway, yea he likes you. Good luck :)

    • Thank you sooo much, I've been doubting and wondering for a really long time :)
      I dont drink, I look a lot older soo Im usually designated booze getter :D And Im allergic to weed, haven't done drugs either :) Anyways thank you soo much I thought that maybe he did but I wasn't sure :D

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    • Haha thanks for the MHO sweetie :)

    • Hahah very welcomeee :D

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  • I think he does.


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  • You already know the answer...

    But I really think it's dumb to drink at such a young age especially do drugs. Just becuase other people do it doesn't mean you should too.

    • well seeing as I asked I dont, I thought that maybe he did but Im not sure :) Look at the comment above, I just replied to the same comment :D , I dont drink or do drugs :)

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