girlfriend made a fake page to just to talk to her ex bf?

Me and this girl have been in a relationship for 5 months, before me she was in a 3 year relationship. They was only broken up 3 weeks before she told me she wanted me.
We moved in together 2 months into the relationship.

She always talks about how abusive he was towards her etc. She said she never wants anything to do with him.

well last night I got on the computer and seen she made a new Twitter account just to talk to her ex.

This is isn't the first time she's went behind my back to talk to him I caught her a couple months back texting and even a phone call.

but making a entire new page just to speak to him, should I be concerned about this


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  • The writing is literally on the wall. She's using you. Kick her out.

    It's just like @shadowlegend said, and I've done it before too. Nearly every women has done this at least once in her life, even if she didn't know it or mean to.
    You're so shocked over the sudden end of what you thought was the best relationship ever, and the only way to feel okay again, is to prove to yourself that it's not your fault. This is usually accomplished by proving that you are "datable", by immediately dating someone new. You're that someone new, and she clearly didn't want that relationship with her ex to end.


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  • Let her go!
    I know I sound rude and biased. But the same thing happened to me. Just let her go. Many girls complain that they want nice guys but in reality they want a guy who is a challenge. You seem to be a nice guy. I don't mean as a beta male but as a nice guy who respects his girl. Many girls although complain about it, some just want an asshole.
    Save the future enigma and break up. She can't get over her ex-boyfriend in 3 weeks. She clearly loves her ex but needs the void to be filled by you. I am stating all from personal experience. Trust me. It should really help you.


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  • I would be concerned. I know she dated this guy for 3 years, but honestly if she was ready for a new relationship, she needs to leave this old guy behind. She is with you now and that's what matters here. She has to respect you and your relationship together.

    I would definitely be concerned, talk to her about this and explain that it hurts you that she is still talking to him. I know that it can be hard to leave the past in the past, but she needs to move on.

  • You're the rebound and clearly she isn't over the ex, and she's willing to deceive you to stay in contact with him. So why are you still with her?

    • She tells me how much of her soulmate I am and she never been in love like this before and I believe her

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    • She is throwing herself into that relationship because she is heartbroken and desperately wants it to work with you because she's in denial about her ex. I've done the same thing, she just wants to believe it's wonderful but none of it's real buddy.

    • @Asker - Ohh yeaa? Ask her if she was talking to her ex and that if she made a fake page... she will 1000% lie to you...
      Then ask yourself why would she lie

  • Yes it's something you should be very concerned about. Just her hiding it from you is a red flag.


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  • Tell her what you want and if she still does it then walk away from her.
    You put up with this shit that's why she is jerking u around.
    Stand up for yourself dude.

  • 1.) She is doing things behind your back!

    2.) She is not every he ex... She broke up with him and got with you too soon

    3.) You are just a rebound...

    4.) She didn't love you

    So the moral of the story is dump this cheating and lying bitch before she dumps you for her ex...

    If I was in your position I would be in a relationship with her in the first place... Knowing that she just broke up...

    So dump her and find yourself a girl that you really deserve