Should I get involved? Should I stay out of their way?

I started working at this job, where I met a girl and we started to slowly get closer, and talk a lot...

I always got the sense she liked me, and I really liked her, I asked her out but she didn't give me a direct response so I took that as a no... but she continued to talk, and get closer...

I then found out she had a boyfriend and that broke my heart... It took me a long time to get over it...

We now hired a few new people, one of the guys seems really inexperienced with girls and is quickly getting close to this girl as well.

She did break up with her boyfriend,

I am concerned this guy is falling for her, like I did ( Whether she is misleading boys for attention or just naturally flirty)

This guy has seen me talk to this girl, and be close to her as well, I did that in front of him to try to show him what she is like...

So should I just stay out of the situation in-case they do like each other? Should I say something to the guy?(I really don't like him)

Also I am not completely over this girl and I just don't know what to do about that... Especially if she is leading guys on like this...


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  • Stay out of it. He can like who he wants and she can date who she wants.

    • I am just scared she is leading him on too, like she led me on...

    • It's non of your business how they behave. You aren't his parent, just let them do what they want.

    • I will stay out of it...

      Poor guy, I hope his heart can take it...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude walk away, totally ignore her
    Yeah she is a flirt, this type of girl is a great sex playmate, nothing else

    • Yes I will walk away,

      I am not sure if she is a sex playmate... She has had one boyfriend her life, and to me she seems like a virgin...( She is religious, Asian and has strict parents, but I won't know for sure... maybe she is just a flirt/tease?)

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