Girls, How would you feel if you found out a guy killed someone?

Ok lets say that you have a guy you are dating.

2 questions...

Question 1...
You find out that he was in the Army and has killed people, but lets say that even his killings are questionable. He tortured people, he beheaded, hanged etc. He did nothing illegal because it his mission but he to some extend had fun doing this and torturing these people because he thinks they deserve it and he went out of his way to do things that were not necessary. For example his mission is just to execute a terrorist prisoner. He technically does his job but he also does it in a horrible way, cutting off his limbs, his eyes and setting him on fire burning in alive.
Were assuming the enemy are bad people and they are evil.
Would you feel weird about dating a killer even if it was a soilder?

Question 2...
How would you feel if the guy has killed someone but it was during a time when he was young and making mistakes in the gang life. He was a teenager, killed someone because he was in a gang, he already payed for his crime but now he does not do things like that anymore and has changed?


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't like the notion of evil. It draws a nice pretty line between two military groups when your first example clearly shows there can be wrong on both sides.

    (To answer your question, I never would date anyone who takes pleasure in causing pain)

    The second example is more interesting to me; clearly there's a risk, so I can't give you a straight answer; it depends on haw much I believe the guy to have 'gotten over' his old life. The risk he has of causing me physical harm, etc.

    Some people make real efforts. So it can't be a definite no. But it won't be an easy yes either.

  • The first, I would run in the opposite direction. The level of sadism is nuts, and he should be locked up.

    The second would be complicated for me. I've lived in a lot of neighborhoods with gang violence. I opened my front door once to find a guy stabbed and bleeding on my porch. If I knew that he was in a gang in the beginning, I would turn him down. If I found out later, I'm not sure

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