Why do I stay around?

I've been in a relationship with an older man for about a year now. He is 8 years older than me. My expectation when committing to this relationship was to be with a strong man who knew what he wanted in life and would do just about anything to get it. I'm a very strong independent person, I did not want to be with an older guy for the money. Enough history...

The problem...
we both work a lot, i work probably 60hrs a week plus other family responsibilities. He has his own worries too, sick family members, and other personal goals. but i'm not one of those goals, I never really was. When we started seeing each other, I enjoyed the freshness of being with someone who was laid back and didn't really have any worries. We went about spending our time together as "down time", we never really would go anywhere or do anything. He didn't really ever attempt to "whoo" me or do something out of the blue, and it was starting to bother me, we discussed it and he "understood" and promises to "fix everything". It's been 6 months since that discussion, we've had multiple in-between and still nothing.

At this point...
I would settle for fucking anything ! give me random oral, take me for a drink, jump in the shower with me, ANYTHING would do. What did do I do? Do I leave him, do i fight more, what the hell do I do?


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  • It isn't going to change so you've got a decision


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  • Why don't you try taking him out, giving random oral, or jumping in the shower with him first.
    To get in the swing of things.
    If he likes it, it might turn to a regular thing that the both of you do and progress from there.

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