My boyfriend doesn't text me everyday, is that bad and does that mean he doesn't like me anymore? (Read below for more details)?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about a month now and he used to text me all the time before but now he barely texts me. He said he'd like it if I text him first sometimes but whenever I do he replies back really really late and it just feels like I'm bothering him or annoying him or something. So I don't do that. The thing is tho when I don't text first sometimes we won't talk for a day or even 2 days and so on. Before he used to wanna chill with me a lot but now it feels like he doesn't because he doesn't ask a lot I'm the one that always asks him to hangout and whenever we do hangout we don't even hold hands. So does that mean he doesn't like me anymore?

If a guy used to hold your hands in the beginning of the relationship (occasionally) and now he doesn't ever does that mean he's embarrassed of you? And how come I'm always the one to make plans with him he barely does?


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  • Everyday or every hour, i mean everyone needs some private time.

    • Everyday, it could even be 2 days from what it seems it could be forever if I don't text him first

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    • you should try and make him text you first, but slowly and step by step

    • Okay how can I do that?

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