How do I deal with a friend, who I hate, of my crush who keeps talking badly about me to her?

My crush's best friends is someone I hate. I don't really think he is a bad character. He once went as councilor for a kids camp that I also was a councilor for, only for the money. He actually went to my same elementary school, where I saw him take off kids' clothes and throw them into the snow and laugh at them with his friends. Even now, he is all about image. Of course now he is a body builder, but the worst part is that my crush is also his trainer. Every time I go and eat with my crush, we are never alone because he is always there. One day my crush didn't show up and it was just him and me. He started asking me what my interest was with her. I didn't want to talk to him about anything, so I told him I didn't want to talk about it. Long story short. I was insensitive with this guy and may have insulted my crush in the process. While my crush didn't hear it, he did and they basically talk all the time. Plus, he might be talking badly about me in general to her. How do I get my crush to forgive me?


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  • You explain why you said what you said.


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