Would you text a new love interest while you're on a month vacation?

I started dating this guy a month ago and things have been connecting pretty well. We knew each other for about 7 months before dating. He left for a month long family vacation about a week ago. I didn't hear from him at all for 8 days until I sent a text asking how the trip was going. Before he left he said he was sure we'd keep in contact via text and whatnot during his trip. Is this normal?


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  • Send some noodz OP.. stop overthinking it.


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  • Sometimes people get too caught up in vacationing with their family that they don't really go on their phones a lot. That's kinda expected though since phones are pretty distracting in my opinion. Personally if I went on a long vacation I would probably do the same. I guess you should be happy he's responding c:

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