My boyfriend looks at his exs profile?

Okay so, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 months now.
He's Been single for 3 years..

I told him up front he could talk to me about anything, he has been pretty open with a lot of things.

We were drinking one night and he was like.. I need to tell you something..
He's like "I looked at my ex girlfriends profile, just out of curiosity of what she's up to now. Please don't be mad at me, I'm sorry"

I responded "that's okay, I'm fine. But di you still have feelings for her?"
He said he didn't at all, he's happy with me etc.

He just said that "she looks broken and changed a lot, she wasn't what she was when they dated, she's wearing a plaid shirt and looks straight edge now"

When we were getting ready for bed he goes "it's just weird how people change, is it weird that I like you more knowing you have been the same after all these years? From what I've seen youve never changed"

I know this isn't much of a question, but is this normal?


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  • I do that sometimes.. like after many years or months. Its usually nothing and he may be just checkin to see where they are in life etc now. However, if this is a daily or weekly basis, its called for concern.

  • No i am always changing.

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