Why do I freak out once the girl I've been pursuing starts to like me back?

Met at a party, been texting all week. We skyped on Friday, afterwards I was felt like "sheesh, she is too good for me"
Now she is reciprocating a lot more than I am used to with other girls. I can really tell she likes me. But now i am starting to freak out and question everything. Part of me just wants to drop the whole thing... for no reason.
Why does this happen? She's incredible. I don't get the way I feel at all...


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  • 98% of guys come on too strong. Now you understand how we feel.

  • Because now the chase is over and there's not fun in it for you anymore. You like a challenge.

    • What should I do? Im not here to mess around, or look for a booty call. I want something serious or nothing at all. What should a guy do here?

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    • @Tdieseler lol experience :x

    • @Asker she knows whats going on, just a tad bit too much about procedure.. just a tad.

      @Oxi112094 im still waiting. and don't feed me "experience"... i call bs. there's more.

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  • The hunt is over mate... its all about the chase.. its not so much fun while being chased back. its perfectly normal.
    if you really did like her and didn't do it for the "hunt"... you would have stood your ground rather than "freak out".
    in some cases, it does come as a surprise, you thought you had to do some work but turns out she likes you and doubt clouds your mind,
    your solution, ride it out.

    • Lol it's not perfectly normal. If he feels this way it's because he was in it for the hunt, and that's 100% a douchebag behavior. So don't tell him it's normal. Tell him to chill the fuck down and start seeing women as equals, not as a prey. We pursue too.

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    • Cool! Have a nice life with a girl who's only purpose is gonna be to clean your shit, make you nice dinner and take care of your kids. Unfortunately, there's still plenty of them who "live by those rules" out there.

    • @little_bird1 sounds "awesome"...