Unsure if I was rejected by a girl who I thought was interested in me; what do I do?

I have been taking a public bus to the school I currently attend for two years now. Starting sometime this year, I noticed the girl in the mornings. Using logic, I assumed that where she got on the bus was obviously closest to where she leaved, and therefore where she would get off on the bus back. This assumption was correct, except she started getting off nearer to my stop in the past 2-3 weeks. The first time I had noticed this was when she stayed on the bus until sometime after I got off (I assumed she'd figured out where I lived by that), and then the rest of the times she's gotten off exactly a stop before me. So at first I wasn't particularly suspicious of anything (her attraction to me at least), until I actually started paying attention and had noticed she'd been looking at me for a majority of the bus rides. So even at this point I didn't want to jump to conclusions, and about a week ago my friend was on the bus with me and had pointed this out to me. So at that point he had suggested for me to ask her out, and I obliged (though I did say I'd do it at later date) since there wouldn't be anything to lose. So a few days after I struck up a conversation, and since she hadn't got off her stop I assumed she'd get off a stop before mine (about 5 minutes walking distance from mine, but about 20 from the stop she "should" have got off on), so I figured I'd get off a stop before my stop as well and ask her out there and then walk home. That's exactly what I did, and she seemed fine with it; I mean from my perceptive it didn't look awkward or anything. She gave me her number, which I then texted and got a reply from. After asking about when would be a good time to go out for her, I got the "wrong number" reply. Could this have been intentional/accidental? I'm considering asking her, but I'd rather not make my bus rides even stranger by making her think I'm overly attached, because I am fine with rejection.


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  • You are a strange dude. When you and she are on the bus next, Just talk to her again. It's not that big of a deal.

    • Yeah, that's what I plan on doing. I just asked this question since I was more curious as to if I was right about asking her out, or otherwise what would be the reason for her staring at me and getting off practically right next to my stop when I'm on the bus. Confronting her is the least of my concerns, I am just a bit curious as to why a female would do this (because at first I thought she could have been stalking me, until the whole wrong number thing). Out of curiosity, what makes you think I'm strange; always gotta look ways to improve yourself, I guess?

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    • Just talk to her and get the answers to all your questions. Good luck💜

    • Thanks, it's always nice to have another perspective.

  • Is public transportation

    • If you are asking if I take public transportation and that is where I saw her, then yes. It was public transportation.

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