Coming on too strong?

Me this girl like a week and a half ago at a party. Because she isn't near me we have been texting ever since and skyped once. After the Skype I thought this girl was wayy too good for me, and was stoked about this.
Im used to girls making me work when it came to pursuing. With this girl, I feel like the pursuit is done. and I dont even know her super well. This is kind of making me freak out a bit, even though it is honestly over nothing.

What should I do? I do want something serious.. but I've just never had a girl be this intentional with me off the start.. its weird for me. Thoughts?


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  • Ask her to hang out before she starts getting bored of the conversation.


What Guys Said 1

  • Play with her then and make her work for you this is the most fun dude so embrace it

    • I don't have much experience with that. What would you do to get her to chase me more? Not sure if that's what I should do or not..

    • Tease her in a fun way so that she'll see you as someone not in need of a particular girl wich tells her that you have a shit load of chicks to choose from even if it isn't the case you have to tease her do it

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