How can I become attractive on a personality/mental level?

Honestly, I love the way I look and am really happy with my physical features, but my shitty personality... I'm kind of shy... fucks things up for me.

What can I do?
Like today this girl was smiling at me and thanking me after I helped her put her bags in her car... I'm a bell hopper at a hotel... and I made eye contact saif you're welcome and shit, but I didn't smile back because of my shitty personality...


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  • So what is bad about your personality?

    • I'm shy and that hides my true self... like the way I behave around friends and family.

    • Being shy isn't a huge problem. I thought maybe you were a jerk or something lol. Just start small like with that smile! Practice on people you know and are already comfortable around and in time it will come more naturally.

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