If you start dating a new, hotter guy will your ex want you back?

So, I'm a sophomore in college and I previously dated this guy named Keane. I fell head over heels for him and then he broke up with me because he said he wasn't ready to commit but that he still cared about me. We decided to remain friends but I think I might have messed things up with him because now we're not talking at all. Now there's this guy named Adam that wants to go out with me, and not that I'm not interested in him but I can't get my mind off of Keane. Being honest, Adam is out of my league and really attractive. All of my sorority sisters told me to go for Adam because they thought he was good looking. Obviously, he is also more attractive than Keane as well. In your opinion, if Keane realized that I was with someone new then would he want to try and get me back or would that scare him off? Anything is helpful so please comment, thank you so much! Also sorry if I sound harsh, I'm not trying to make it come off that way.

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  • why the FUCK would you want your ex back? there is reason he is your ex : IT DIDN'T WORK


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  • Don't use Adam as a bait, or you'll broke two relationship, it's even worse.


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What Guys Said 2

  • no, you'll just be a real selfish person for abusing that 'new hotter guy's feelings, just to get that ex back

  • Do not use another person for your own purposes. It sounds like you and your sorority sisters are pretty shallow people.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's really immature and manipulative to date one guy just to make another one jealous, or in the hope you get a response from your ex.

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