To Chase or Not to Chase. What do you think is the best course?

Chasing women is a waste in this day and age as you basically place yourself in a position of lower value even if she does give you a chance because you had to come to her. In fact one can make a point if a woman really does want you their will be no chase. I've seen it all before where guys would work weeks, months, maybe even years trying to impress and win a girl over who couldn't really give a fuck about him and would only give him a chance when she gets desperate or needs a backup man/rebound guy after coming out of a breakup.
To Chase or Not to Chase. What do you think is the best course ?The same guy whose impressing a girl and trying to win her over. There is a guy who is probably only reply with 3 or 4 words, sometimes single word to this same girl and she's chasing him like crazy and giving him heart shape likes on his FB pics.

Chasing women is pointless and stupid. Focus on your life, build yourself up to a point where women would want to come to you. But this leads to another problem. The quality of women coming to you might not be good quality. Many could be gold diggers, opportunistic women who just want a piece of your hardwork. For a man who has risen to high status male level, women on his level still want to play the upper hand game where men (even on his level) must come to them.

And if you didn't raise your value high enough you might find yourself single for a long time get desperate and start chasing again.

" I was single and didn't chase women for a while, because I though the way you think. After almost 7 years of NOT GETTING ANYTHING, I began to actively look for women. It took me two months to get a girlfriend. After that one, lesson learned, took me another month and a half finding the next girlfriend."
Again putting you back in a position where you give women position of power by being perceived as more valuable and might even be settling for lower quality of stock of girls that you otherwise would of never settle for when you were younger.

So this begs the question chase or not to chase?

  • Chase women
  • Don't chase women
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  • I agree no matter if you chase or not if your attractive women will put in the effort to know you, if not your just wasting time


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  • I have a question for you Asker. Do you have a burning hate for women?

    • Stating reality that chasing usually doesn't work is hating women?

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    • No I don't hate women just the stupid traditional customs that they want to hold onto that benefits them.

    • Okay! That answered my question PERFECTLY! Thanks!!! :)

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  • Never chase women. If they want you they can match your effort. If she wants to be chased it shows she will ultimately want more from the relationship than she will give.