How Long Should I Wait to Text a Guy I Just Met?

I met this guy this past friday, we made small talk and I gave him my number. I'm wondering how long I should wait until I contact him so that I don't seem too overeager.

lmao I am very dorky xD
btw, which would be better, to txt or to call? lol


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  • Maybe 3 days. Tops. I mean I would have contacted you the day after. Haha.

    • Well I got HIS number and he said to text me, so I didn't give him my number haha xD so I don't know when to contact him, I don't want to wait too long where he forgets me, but not so soon where he thinks I'm a stalker lol xD

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    • Wait a day then send a hey, if he asks who this is again, just move on.

    • Haha, thnx everybdy, ill text or call him tmrw and see how tht goes xD

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  • Texting or calling all depends on what you want to do or what you feel comfortable doing. I don't encourage talking about serious things over the phone or the internet. That kind of stuff should be done in person, but when it comes down to it, it's all your choice.

  • Well, it depends are how eager you really are. I mean, if you know you're pretty eager, wait a few days. If you really aren't very eager, well you don't have to wait. Pretty much the opposite of what you feel ;-)

  • 1-2 days.


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