Girls, how to make it obvious you want her in your life?

I was dating this girl and she just cut contact for about a month,
but not told me she don't want to see me again, then kept liking posts about like the images below, even though she said
she felt comfortable with me,
agreed to a third date,
paid for the 2nd,
said without me asking to keep ringing her as she is not ignoring me but how do i do that without coming across as needy.
I would say I am being ghosted but she is a brutally honest person at least she was on the dates.

The only things I can think I did wrong was:
I have not kissed her yet, although I did kiss her on the temple,
I said I would call Saturday night but did not although I have tried calling a lot since.
Not complimented her enough
I have only asked her out twice since than
Her previous ex's both cheated on her

I got angry so I deleted off Facebook after she ignored me the first week and did not respond to my text saying I liked her a lot do you feel the same!
I tried to re-add her but she has not accepted nor declined my request! She reads my messages but like a week later and don't respond, don't pick up my calls and never rings back -

Girls, how to make it obvious you want her in your life?With the ex thing she posted this on her mates wall, but the ex i think she is talking about is now with another girl, does this below mean she's done with her ex as i was on a date with her 1 1/2 months ago-

The face you pull at me 😂😂

Loool all the time

Like its official this time 😂 2 months 👌

It's hard as all the advice I get say that I should not chase her as it makes me look needy but her words on the date was to keep calling her and a lot of woman say I should keep reaching out?

  • Need to call her more like once a day
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  • Her ex is back in the picture so just wait
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  • I upset her so apolgise
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  • she's confused so wait
    25% (1)
  • say I miss her
    25% (1)
  • show I care but how?
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  • ask her on a date like this "I heard this place is great to eat at, let's go here"
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  • To me it sounds like she is weighing her options. Maybe she met someone else and likes you as a friend; but doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Or perhaps she is too guarded and not ready to be in a relationship now.

    • okay thanks so what should be my next step, i think her ex came back into her life but he has a new girlfriend now

    • Maybe they are still getting together regardless of if he has a girlfriend. Maybe she still loves him. I wouldn't contact her anymore and if she wants you; she will come to you. Don't make any more moves; because if she doesn't want you anymore it makes you seem too invested.