Girls, Would you honestly want to hang out with this guy?

so my friend used to date this guy 3 years ago (thats how i met him actually) and about a year after they broke up, he started texting me. it was surprising but not that crazy because we were kind of good friends so i talked to him. he said he always had a thing for me and wanted to hang out. and hook up. i said no because he's my friends ex (well we're not friends anymore but still) and because i dont even know him like that, i haven't seen him in 3 years. oh and he's a drug addict.
he said he understood but he kept trying to hang out, go on a date, and hook up. for a year already! we still never saw each other. i told him i dont mind hanging out (and mentioned a bunch of public places we can go) but he always just wants to go to his house or to the park or something and i like to actually go out. i like to dress up and actually go somewhere not just sit around at his house (especially since i haven't seen him in 3 years, i dont know what he's all about i'd rather see him in public) so i keep saying no every time he wants to hang out
i do want to see him because its like a blast from the past in a good way and we've been talking for a year now, but every place he wants to go is just so blah to me. today he said lets go play some sport. are you kidding me. i want to actually go somewhere! not get all sweaty from running around in the sun. but i rejected his offers so much that now im starting to think, am i just picky or would most of you react the same way?


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  • If you're really considering going to see him in the first place then I don't see why you wouldn't go play a sport with him. Afterall, there is time for going out later. But on the aspect of him being a drug addict, I'd watch your 6 at all times.