Advice needed - should I confess or just let him go? See down the paragraph for the full story?

So I met this new guy at work at work, the instant I met him I was drawn to him, like I already knew him! We dated for a bit and it was great, the suddenly he decided he didn't think it was fair on me as his head was all of the place from a recent break-up! I know by how he acts and treats me that he does like me! But now he is moving away and I am heartbroken at the thought of never seeing him again! Should I tell him how I really feel or should I just let him go! I really feel it was bad timing and if his circumstances were different it all would have turned out so differently!! Help - should I confess?


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  • Write him a nice letter and hide it in his moving truck.

    • I'm too shy to actually tell him so I was planning on something like this if I'm going to do it

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  • It would be pointless. He is still thinking about his ex.