Anyone elses' friends trying to get them a partner?

So I have a repeating scenario where the girls I like just want to be friends but want to help me find someone else (as long as it's not them). Anyone else have this issue? Feels like an endless cycle where everyone wants me to be dating but no one wants to date me. Not really that upset about it but I'm curious if this is something that happens with everyone or if I am just not the date-able kind of guy.


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  • Ahahaha, that's totally me with my guy friends!

    *There's something about each of them that doesn't make them dateable.*

    The most recent guy I try to set up eats junk food a LOT. I try to eat really healthy and pretty much live off of chicken, veggies, and fruit during the work week. Mmmm, veggie burgers. :]

    Another guy friend is a HUGE player. Could never trust him to be faithful, I know him too well.

    And another doesn't like animals. Immediate deal breaker as I have pets.

    • Pet lover is always a requirement in my book haha

    • Fluffy puppies are on my mind today. lol, another thread on GaG.

      & Thank you for MHO. :}

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  • They don't try to get me a partner, they just nagging me about it, and everytime ask me about my relationship status...


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  • It's happened to me before, but hasn't happened lately.

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