Girls, Why Do Men Have So Many Double Standards?

I've noticed on this site that men seem to think they can do no wrong. Like I read a couple Takes and questions about girls being upset over how men treat them, but then men are all like 'Well, that's your fault'. But when a guy is on here talking about a girl playing them, she's a bitch and the guy can do 'much better'. These also happen to be the same guys who think they would make a good boyfriend but if you talk to girls like that, you probably would not.

So why do the men on here think that being jerks is okay but when a girl does it to them, she's a hoe bag?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol from what I've seen most guys who post those things are pretty butthurt over something or other that happened to them in the past and this is their way of venting and coping, and unfortunately getting validation because you'll get a group mindset from similar types of guys.

    If you pay attention to their profiles, you'll see some guys on here who are legitimately looking for or providing real advice. Their questions are a lot less accusatory and more inquisitive, and they won't shit on you for disagreeing with their opinions.


What Girls Said 2

  • These people tend to take the female vs male thing wayyyyy too seriously on here. Sometimes I wonder how these men and women function off of the internet and in the real world. They tend to have this entire science rule book to the opposite sex as well. We really aren't all that difficult, men or women.

  • The double standards I thought you were referring to would be sexual. haha, so this caught me off guard.

    Show me the takes you're referring to. I wanna shut these douche bags down.

    • I'll look for them and copy them on here. I just read two but don't remember what they were called, but the guys were complete jerks.

    • Sweet. Can't stand men that act like douches and blame women. Especially if she's only asking for help and advice.

      I can say that the men I know aren't like that.

      They're usually really helpful to women and offer solid advice about other men.

      I've heard one be completely honest with a girl once and tell her that she was the dude's side piece. She asked him for honesty and she got it.