How would you make a move?

So, I'm in love with this girl. We talk a lot (but we're both kinda shy), we text a lot, and have the same interests. When we text, we usually use those kissy and heart emojis. We also call eachother beautiful or honey sometimes. There were this one night were she texted me while she was drunk, and told me that I was very nice and cute. I did the same thing a couple of days ago.

I think we're kinda boyfriend and girlfriend, but not official. I'm gonna ask if we have something together. Should I just talk to her about it, or should I make a move like trying to kiss her or something?

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by the way, we have been on a few dates.


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  • what does being i love mean to you? just curious. its cool you're uninhibited using it. people are so dramatic about it. lol

    • Well, I could say "I like her alot", but I come from Denmark, and we kinda use "in love" on both occasions. I mean, when I really really like someone, is attracted to that person, and wants to be with that person all the time :)

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  • In this case, I would make a move instead of talking to her about it.

    One night, just look into her eyes. Place your hand on her neck and go in for a kiss.


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  • Tell her you wanna know what time Her legs open and bam she'll love you.

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