Girls, Young women-would you date a guy who shaved his head completely?

I started shaving my head a couple years ago and many say I look good like this, I'm kinda light skinned and don't tan well but I look young and my face looks good etc. anyway turns out I've been losing it this whole time as I can see in the light pigment shadow the top is going away so now it's my only choice. Like I said I don't mind it, I came up military so short hair or bald is common in my book I just want to know what girls think, after all we are in the era where men let their hair grow to juvenile lengths.

so NOTE I can't grow hair but shave what's left; would that be an issue for you? Or could a young guy with a shaved bald head still hold sex appeal and physical attraction?

  • Girls 30 and up or guys (only 22 here so hope you understand)
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  • I would date a guy who shaved his head bald, he can still look good to me
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  • I would not date a guy with a shaved head, hair matters enough to me that without it a guy is unattractive
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Opinions are needed too if young women dislike bald. I don't get it honestly it's just hair.
There is a light shadow of hair showing hairloss pattern.


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  • I rather not!

    • You voted C then right?

      Also you said you could on another guy's are you bipolar?

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    • You are a mind fuck you know that.

    • a what now? lol

  • no. I'm not even attracted to guys with really short hair.

    • Well that's your opinion clearly there's a good number who don't mind it, I surely don't understand your view about no hair as I view it as accessory not physicality. But some guys question why I only dig rail thin girls so we all have our preferences. Although I'll be honest, I find any guy with long hair to be childish, probably the military upbringing I guess.

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    • 90%? lmao

    • Yes, user stats, also look at most people answering: al very young, so no sorry girl don't know why you're so upset other girls don't mind bald guys. Well I'm tired of your 30 year old opinion, good luck finding Fabio hair at your age.

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