Why do most girls claim they don't prefer hot guys "because they're jerks"?

Most girls claim they don't prefer to date hot guys because they're either narcissistic or jerks.

But this makes no sense. If girls don't like them, then what reason would they have to be narcissistic or jerks in the first place UNLESS they have swarms of girls (the same girls who claim to not like them) continuously drooling after them?


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  • They don't say it cause they mean it. I think sometimes it's a way to be nonchalant about it and not show they're interested. If they're interested and other girls are too it becomes a competition that most girls are too insecure to be a part of. Some guys become narcissistic from all of the attention but this def doesn't hold true to all guys.


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  • Its like this mann..
    See they look good and at a young age they will start recieving wanted and unwanted female attention. Some of them will be assholes to women since they have plenty to use from. The womem who feel used will say they are jerks.
    And then women who didn't get much attention will say they are jerks as well. And some women who kinda like them, but dont really go upto them, fearing rejection by sreing the other girls failing, will assume they are jerks too.
    And this will lead guys to think they are jerks as well. Sometimes even said hot guy will start believing he's a jerk.
    The truth is, not all hot guys are jerks. I know im not! :-D jk, but i know many good looking guys that are pretty chill.
    But most women will call them jerks and every hot guy will be called a jerk at some point in his life, at least. Just like hot girls are called bitches. Same old shit


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  • I've heard girls say that, if a guy is hot, he's probably a jerk... that's like saying if a girl is hot, she's a bitch.

    It's bullshit, probably an insecure girl will say that as a coping mechanism for not being able to pull a hot guy.

  • I don't think it can apply to every girl.

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