If you are handsome, do women not trust you?

This keeps happening to me again and again. A woman is attracted to me. I get compliments. Stares. Giggles. Touching. Blushes. She asks about my interests, hangs around me, tries to hang out around me, etc. When I ask her out, she gets very excited as if she won the lottery. With big smile, she gives me her phone number.

And then problems start. They do not go on dates with me. Non-responses. I tell them I make other plans. Next time I see them, they are very sad and demand to know what I was doing that weekend (!). So I ask them out again. They seem interested, as if trying to make it work. Then non-responses. Then suspicions. "Why are you going for me?" Huh? "What do you mean you are after me, and not after the dinner?" OK... I genuinely tell them I am trying to get to know them. How else can I do that but at a date? But it is a no go. I just tell them something like only for sex or whatever which THAT they immediately believe. They also believe I have secret girlfriends.

I know being handsome isn't all there is to being attractive to women, but it certainly helps. I am 6'3 (got the height they like), athletic and slim muscles, full head of hair, very photogenic, have modeled for some things, almost was in a television commercial, do get stared at by women at times, and get called 'beautiful'.

Since I am single, *all* women hint that I am gay. Foreign women ask me in shock how I can be single.

I'm actually very lonely because I cannot get a girl out even on a freaking dinner date without her thinking I am up to something no good! Now, it may be something else is going on here. However, there is a clear pattern. Girl is very attracted to me. I ask her out, she is excited. She becomes uneasey and wants to know what my intentions are.

What do I do?

To get an idea of the suspicion, one time my parents visited me so I wanted to take them out to eat. At work, I asked for a restaurant that served a certain type of fish and said I was taking my parents out at X time. At the restaurant, several female employees (from a store of a dozen people) take the table right next to mine and I can tell they are listening in on the conversation (they weren't talking at all!). Creeps me out.


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  • Oh poor thing... I think if you stop being a suspicious character... or indecisive in ur pursuit maybe you'll get a straight shooter. Someone to follow through on her words

  • Sounds like you're trying to date the same kind of person. Have you dated other types of women? With diff interests and outlooks?

    • honestly, it is hard enough to find a woman that I find attractive and is SINGLE. I don't want married women. I cannot find out about their interests and outlooks because they don't trust me enough to go out with me! I can understand rejecting a guy's personality, I can't understand not trying to get to know the guy first.

    • No clue either. You sound like a nice guy so I'm not sure if I've got better advice to offer. Sounds like they're judging you on looks alone which no one likes. Have you tried e harmony? Not joking either. I've heard it really does work and you can choose from diff women that have your intersects and morals. May be worth a check out.

    • Interests not intersects! lol

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  • No they don't, And it takes me a while to really open up so they feel like Im unfaithful. So many people swear I'm a man whore just off they way I walk, talk, look. And little do they know I'm not even sexually active rn. I'm lost the love of my life because she's been hurt so many times and she assumed I would cheat or push her away. She said I can't trust you. I don't tried my best to show her I'm not that way and she dosent belive me. Also I have people telling lies about me say i slept with this and that girl or that I have a girlfriend. And I'm the complete opposite of how I look. I stay to myself, don't go out much. I love me me time so I'm a very private person. But everyone feel like I'm a dog. Even my mom thinks I'm a man whore. In like only if you all knew. I'm like let me get a brake.

    • I'm the same way in that it takes me a while to open up. I also don't have a Facebook page which might be sending up alarms in Woman-Land.

    • I don't have a Facebook page I see it as gossip haven so while I may be the only woman in the world who doesn't do Facebook they're could be others that don't too. Maybe?