Am I a rebound?

I have a son with a man I have been in love with for 5 years. I was pregnant within in a month of meeting him and we have tried many times to make it work but things never lasted. He was dating a girl for the past year, she was living with him and things did not work out so she moved out a month ago and since then we have been together all the time and things are finally good between us. He asked me to move in but I can't help but wonder if he is using me to get over this other girl because I know he was deeply in love with her. My family says that he is using me and that I have been his backup plan for the last 5 years, he cheated on me while I was pregnant and made me move out of his house so he could date the girl he cheated on me with. But he always comes back to me, so is it possible that he finally realized that he loves me and wants to be with me or is he using me?

It has been over a month and we are still together! This is the longest we have ever made it and we are happier than ever...I do think he finally sees that I am the one and could not be more loving and attentive :)


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  • sorry to say, sounds like you've been in the backseat from the beginning. not trying to sound like an ass but its true. if he hasn't realized that he loves you the most for 5 years it time to move on,

    or I could be wrong

    and don't exclude the option maybe he wants to spend more time with his son and be more involved in his life.

  • What the hell, tell him to gtfo. He cheated on you when you were pregnant, gal. He cheated on you period.

    No forgiving.


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