I don't know, does she like me?

Me and this girl have known each other for a while, and to be very honest, she would be WAYYY out of league. That being said, we are still really close (lately), help each other with everything, I try to be there and do whatever I can for her, etc. Its like we act like a couple, but just we're not. Recently, she's been, un-normal to say the least. She flirts, wants to spend more time with me, asking to hang out more, sends hearts, takes pictures with me more (especially goes out of her way to take pictures and hang out). Her and I also talk and text all the time, more than we ever did before. This all started when we got closer to the summer, she went through some rough stuff a while back, and I tried to do everything in my power to be there for her. After that she kept sending me hearts, telling me I'm such a caring guy etc. I don't know what to say, I mean, yes she's very attractive and pretty and I don't know how she would ever want to be with me (I'm just, mediocre). I mean, idek if she likes me.


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  • Could be friend zone. But before you can be sure you have to ask her out so hop to it.

    • Well, I sort of asked her to hang out with me, and then go to the movies and movie hop and she said yes.

    • Yup, I've asked my crush to hang out with me, WITH a specific activity and time in mind. I did this four times. I doubt she counted any of those as dates.
      I don't know what the fucking trick is. I guess you literally have to say "wanna go on a romantic date to do _________?" or some shit.

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