What is it with people meeting each other and dating through social media or online dating sites did any of you meet your gf/bf through social media?

It just seems like approaching is a thing of the past unless you either know someone from your college classroom or know them through a friend, other than that it seems like people are occupied with their phones and their own circles of friends, and that a lot of couples are meeting either through social media or online dating, social media of course Facebook and others, is online the way of the future?

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  • My boyfriend and I met on gag lmao


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  • I met my boyfriend through a dating app. Not tinder not pof not okcupid. Its a paid one. I have had a lot of like really tons of online dating apps experiences, met like over a hundred of people. wouldn't aay waste of time but they are all experiences. Good and also bad. When I first met my boyfriend in person, i never felt like that before, keep in mind I have met a lot of people in person before. Like magnetic, we are so clicked and so in love and secures. Online dating works, i mean, even bad experiences count as experiences, nothing wrong with it. As long as people have their bottomline and know how to protect themself, its a good media to meet bf/gf or just for friends.

  • I met my ex-boyfriend at a bar when I was out with my friends. He approached me to dance, then we had drinks and talked, and the rest is history.


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