Do you think online dating would be easier than asking out a girl in real life?

I'm a 22 year old engineering student and my life revolves around studying, working and playing video games. There aren't many girls in my class. I'm a simple person and I hate mixed signals, playing mind games and all those weird stuff kids do these days. Should I give online dating a try?


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  • definitely not for me.
    if you wanna give it a go though, u should try =]


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  • Online you would only find awful women... that's why they're online. Yes, there's always one good girl, but are you willing to waste your time with shitty women just because there's a slight chance that you might find that one good girl?
    Women online are the WORST. Just read their bios "don't message me if you aren't (insert height)." "Don't message me if you don't make (insert amount of $)." "If you're just gonna say hi, don't even bother."
    Do you really want a girl like that?

    Online women tend to be ugly (except Tinder girls), who just want an ego boost. The worst part is that they get an ego boost from losers.

    Avoid online dating, and find a way to meet girls in real life, that's the only way to meet decent women.

    • Lol sounds like you got hurt from online dating real bad... haha

    • @FantasticDay not at all, it would be stupid to be bitter about online dating, especially when I've only used it for sex, nothing serious.
      Are you one of those girls I described?

    • Nah.. Im not ugly or awful, I just feel like you were saying if all girls are ugly and awful from online. Everyone has their own options and tons of ugly, awful, beautiful and nice people from online and everywhere...

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  • Probably easier, but also not likely logical... (Not wrong, just a bit dumb.)

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