I am right or wrong?

I don'r know why but i feel so bad for liking a guy.
It's just a gut feeling.

i like him , i think about him all the time.
I talk about him all the time.
But i don't want to like him , even though i like him.
i know its stupid.
He asked me out , i said NO. Do u think it was wrong to decline him?

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  • Seriously... this is the problem with you women... going against the better thought.. you just said you liked him, you think AND talk about him all the time... eventually he asked you out to move things further and you rejected him...
    lemme guess... later you will get mad at him because your next two relationships will fail...
    Ugh.. plain dumb. if you liked him, why say "no"

    • My gut feeling is saying. That's why.
      He drinks and swears a lot.
      He is sweet but sometimes i feel like i don't even know this person.
      He is insensitive sometimes.
      i don't want to like him , i am trying to move on.

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    • i am a tomboy. I love playing video games , sports. I don't act like a regular girl :(
      What do you mean by stereotypical women?

    • weak, defenseless... etc... blah blah blah. you might need to be that to stroke his ego which will inspire him to "man up"
      me on the other hand, i don't fall for that... I know that women are stronger than they let on. Just try to deceive men...
      try it , it might work.

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  • I followed my gut when I was asked out by a guy I used to like. He ended up asking out another girl straight after I rejected him. Fucking typical. Hahaha


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  • Follow your gut!


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  • I'm like this too :( lol