He invited me to come over?

I've been seeing this guy for a while now and we really like eachother. Yesterday he told me he was watching Nciss and that he's sad that I'm not there.. So I replyed "yes Nciss would be even better :p" and he was like "agreed! Tomorrow?" And i said why not.
So do you think that he'll try to have sex or something? Because If he will I'll be really disappointed. I haven't suggested with anything that i'm easy or something and I thought he really liked me.. If he'll try something more I'll feel like that's all he wants..
what do you guys think?


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  • if it"s a while and only NOW you go to his house? then he was patient enough not to bring it up before don't you agree?


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  • Usually it means he is trying to get you alone to have sex; however, not always. Now if that was the first thing he wanted to do as a way of going out, then for sure most likely he is just trying to get in your pants only, but no if y'all been going out a lot before that, then maybe its not just sex.

    Now, he will try bc he is a man and will be tempted. Maybe he will or maybe he won't, but chances are high that he will bc guys try. It doesn't mean thats all he wanted. Its up to you as a woman whether you allow it or not. Now if he keeps on after you said no several times, then its clear what all he wanted.

    But if he tries and you say no and he stops and y'all continue having a good movie night, then he does really like you. So i would go and make sure you stick to what you are not going to do and if he likes you enough, he will respect that.

    • Thank you for your opinion:) I couldn't agree more :) and like this at least I'll see what is is that he wants.

  • Yes, it is very possible he would try to have sex with you. This is like the ultimate way of having sex with someone by inviting them over. If you're not ready to have sex with him then don't put yourself in a situation where you have to be alone with him in an intimate setting. Try suggesting he take you out somewhere else, like for ice cream, or a nice walk in the park.

    • But would you find it offensive? I don't know how to feel about it...

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    • Okay, thank you! I agree:)

    • yes if it was the first date or something or only been out once or twice. Unless he says he is cooking dinner for you there, then that makes it a dinner date at home but just to come st8t over to watch movies when y'all just started talking and been on only 2 dates or less, is too soon. Go if you are comfortable with it. If not, he will respect that or should if he really likes you for you