"I need to take a break" Any advice on this?

I received this text from a 35 year old female I have been dating for almost 4 months there are no EXs in the picture and she is a good girl-there is no other man in the picture too. She has never been in a relationship before and has zero experience with them. I haven't dated in around four years my last ex did a number on me. I am rusty at this dating thing.

I gave her 2.5 weeks with no contact. We haven't talked and I won't call her no matter how much I want to. After this happened I have been going out with my friends , went boating, planned a vacation out of state, and am keeping myself busy. I told her that I wasn't going to wait around for her when we lasted talked. I have also turned my online dating profiles back on, and I have started talking to a few women ( my friends also want to set me up with other women) . I will definitely not go out on a date until after the 2.5 weeks is up. I truly feel bad about this, but I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Should I cut my losses and start trying to move on? Is what I am doing wrong? What are your thoughts on this?

The text I received:
I am sorry, but I feel like I need to take a break for awhile. You are honestly the nicest guy, a gentleman to the 'T'. I want to feel things with you, but I am just not. I find myself getting anxiety before we get together and I am not sure why. I feel if I had time to try to sort my feelings out, that would be good. If you are angry, I understand, and if I am hurting you, I am very sorry. I promise that you have done nothing wrong. I just want to feel more, but I am not there. I am sorry I am a coward and doing this over a text.

Thank you all for your input. I was leaning more towards it being over, then it progressing forward. The odds were against me.


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  • it seems like she does care, really. but it also looks as if the attraction between you two aren't on the same page, which is why she said what she said.

    don't wait for her, it ain't gonna happen by you waiting and continually being there for her. you gotta move on and she has to figure it out for herself.


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  • What catches my attention the most is "want to feel more, but I am not there. I am sorry I am a coward and doing this over a text."

    Very happy that you are waiting the full 2.5 weeks for this woman. She must be wonderful and I am sorry if things do not work out.

    If you have no contact once the time frame is up, then you're right to move on.

  • I kind of feel her... I am 27 and dating for the first time in my life at the moment. I can say there are always reason to why we start so late... I can say the thought of a relationship freak me out a little.

    I am also taking a break with the guy at the moment, but I said one week. Until I am done with my exams and have gave it a little more thought.

    I like him a lot and I think he is really nice, but I think maybe its a kind of fear whenever you try out something for the first time?

    I think 2.5 weeks is enough of waiting, but I do suggest to send one more message before you are about to move on. It shows the guy are patient and still waiting for us. I would feel happy and more secure about him.


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  • "i need a break"

    Its over. Thats my opinion on that phrase. What normally happens is both parties (or the one who needs it) sees and fucks different people and then he/she find their new love and leaves you. to me its a coward way to break up.

    my co workers have a joke about this. "The Word Break is also in BREAK UP. Meaning its OVER"

  • She's made the choice; she's not into you. I recommend moving on.