Girl who seemed very keen is now ignoring me. What should I do?

I have met this girl a few times on nights out through friends of friends and we have always got along and been quite flirty. I was out over the weekend and met her again and we get along really well and I took her number. She made me promise to text her and asked when I was taking her out, and seemed really keen. She seems quite shy and inexperienced and we were texting fine for a few days, and now she has completely ignored me. Is it time to just move on, or is this part of some game?

I have never been in this position before and generally do ok with girls but this has me baffled.


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  • How long has it been since you've talked with her? Text, social media, phone, etc.

    • It's been 2 days.. We were speaking quite a bit before that and now nothing.

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    • Thank you for your responses they have been much appreciated!

      I'm not even really sure what to say in another message? Do I act like there is no issue? And no I haven't been speaking to anybody she would know.

    • Text her something you know she likes. Did she mention any hobbies or anything like that?

      I. e. TV shows, movies, job, etc.

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  • Lol... I pretty much made a question just like this. I noticed that women fall off after texting back and forth a few times.

    Move on. She isn't worth it.

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