Should I continue this?

We have been on four dates and slept together on the fourth ocassion. Its been two weeks and we have not seen eachother. I asked him if he wanted to hangout and he explained it wasn't a good weekend. When I asked if he had any interest in hanging out again he said he did want to continue getting to know me and do things together. He said it would be soon that we would and then said "I promise". We text almost every day and its been a week since that conversation but nothing has been brought up. Is he strining me along?


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  • Almost sounds like it but he could be seeing someone else too and deciding

    • I don't think he is. We text almost every night for hours and I've given him the opportunity twice to get out of this is and both times he has told me how he wants to take things slow since he's never dated somebody he wasn't friends with first and also mentions how he really enjoys talking and hanging out with me. He almost always initiates all the texting too.

    • In your age group that seems odd he never dated anyone before becoming friends but didn't stop him from having sex, so maybe he is still getting to know you but rethinking it whether he still wants to see you in that way , even though you did give him an out

    • Yeah maybe. He is very shy and doesn't have a lot of experience with women. His skills in bed showed it and I think also left him feeling a little bit embarrassed

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  • Unfortunately, it sounds like it turned into just a sex thing, he just doesn't wanna be a dick about it. When guys are interested, they'll make you a priority, and this guy isn't doing that. Cut your losses.