First time ever going to a friends house in my life, what do I do?

Okay, to get things started, I'm 13. Believe it or not, I have never actually been to a friends house. Anyways, There is this popular girl who goes to my school. Sure, I have a huge crush on her. So, up until yesterday I never asked anyone if I could hangout with them at their house. Yesterday, I asked her if I could hangout with her at her house. Now to everyone who might be saying "Wow, why is he making such a big deal over this?", well, that's because I have no idea what to do. Here is where you guys come in and here are my questions...

1. How do you "hangout" at a friends house?
2. Is she supposed to give me like a tour of her house or something?
3. When I arrive at her house, after knocking on the door and she lets me in, what am I supposed to do after?
4. What do you do when you hangout with a girl?
5. How often should I ask to hangout?
6. Am I way overthinking all of this?
7. What kinds of things should we talk about?
8. What questions should I ask her?
9. Someone just please tell me what to do in order...


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  • Aww its okay dont feel embarrassed about asking !! it can be really awkward the first time you go over someones house. i used to feel the exact same way. but i think that the best way to overcome the awkwardness is to just pretend like you're not nervous and literally make yourself at home. when you first go in just follow her to whatever room you'll be hanging out in (shell probably lead you right to the living room or the basement) and then jut sit down on the couch !! or bed or a chair. just literally sit down and then you guys will probably naturally start talking. you can talk about whatever you usually talk about in school !! good luck :)))


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  • Hey Zale, this sounds a bit unusual... Are your parents super protective or religious or something? How come you've never been to a friends house before?

    Anyway, different people do different things. Do you all have a particular plan of what you're doing, or is it really just "Wanna come over and hang out?"

    1. Depends. She might want to go do something outside of the house (walk to a nearby pizza restaurant and grab a slice, go over to another friends house down the street so you all can play video games, or go for a hike in the woods near her house), or maybe she'll suggest watching a movie in her family room or playing a board game at the kitchen table while eating popcorn. What kind of things do you have in common? It's been a while since I was a 13 year old kid, so things have probably changed. When I was 13, "hanging out" at a friends house was playing Play Station 2, playing whiffle ball in the back yard, riding bikes through the woods, going fishing, or trying to build a go-kart in the garage using parts from an old lawnmower. That was 16 years ago though (wow!)

    2. Some people like to give the "grand tour", others don't. There's no rule here.

    3. Greet whoever lets you in politely... Introduce yourself if it's a parent or sibling who doesn't know you. It's usually polite to take your shoes off when you enter, unless told otherwise. If you're not sure, ask. (Always wipe your feet on the doormat outside to get dirt off before going into the house).

    4. Depends, refer back to #1. You mentioned you have a crush on this girl, but it sounds like this is just hanging out as friends. Keep it just friends for now, if you both enjoy spending time together you can approach the subject of dating later on, but not on your first trip to her house.

    5. It's usually polite to reciprocate. If she invited you over to her house, you should invite her to come hang out at your house next time. If you can't hang out at your house for whatever reason, plan something outside the house for next time... Bowling, going to a fair, getting ice cream and hanging out in the park. If it's a lopsided friendship, it probably won't last.

    6. Yes.

    7. Get to know her! Find out what her interests are, what kind of hobbies she has, what she does for fun, what her favorite movies are, does she play video games or sports, what her favorite kind of food is... This can turn into ideas for things to do!

    8. See #7

    9. Just be polite, friendly, and always remember to say "THANK YOU"

    • No, my parents are not like super protective, it's just that I do not do well near girls, maybe if it was the first time going to a guy's house I wouldn't be so nervous. So, yeah, I also just never asked anyone if I could hangout with them at their house. Your teenage years sound amazing and I would have loved to live through that! Other than that you were the biggest help yet! Thank you!

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    • Interesting. Well, let me know how it goes when you hang out with this girl! Good luck!

    • Thank you Sir, I'll make sure I will tell you how it goes.

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  • She will probably take you to her room and you will talk about stuff.
    If you're too nervous, recommend her to watch a movie.


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  • Change your age Bruh!!! It states you are 33.

  • I was too busy looking at your grammar, and punctuation which is pretty much perfect, that I forgot to read your problem. Props to that