Who do I really love? Who is meant for me?

I know this is sort of long so whoever decides to read it thank you in advance. So, i was dating someone, i swear he was my first love, with him i felt a connection, like i really felt it, it sometimes felt unreal, but i was really shy with him, but again being with him it sometimes felt like i didn't even have to speak we could just look into each others eyes smile and be happy together. We talked about deep things, spiritual, family, things that were important to me, he was always there for me i mean always, even when he was mad at me he would drop anything to make sure i was okay in every way. I'm sort of a creative person, i like to write songs poems, etc he brought this side out of me, i probably wrote 100 songs/ poems about him. He would always make sure i was doing the right things even if he got on my bad side doing so. Things weren't always magical of course we had our arguments, he felt like i didn't share my emotions enough and that really put a strain on things, basically i was behaving as if i didn't care for him. I went off to college, and i met a new guy, i could talk to him easily, i felt comfortable around him, there wasn't any " crazy " connection but i was content, i would always kind of wish there was that connection with him as well cause i feel things would have been perfect. With him i never felt the urge to write, he didn't bring that out of me, but i would spend literally every day attached to his hip, i couldn't sleep without him. He would try to make me do the right things but he wouldn't push the subject if i didn't want to do it. I was in love with my first boyfriend, but only loved the second one. ( There is a difference) Which seems more real to you? I honestly don't know, should i go for what i believed to be my soulmate, or someone who was like my best friend and boyfriend in one.


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  • the first guy. I'm still hung up on someone similar to guy A. and don't know that it'll work out but we'll see.. who knows.


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  • That's up to you. Don't rely on strangers to choose who YOU love.

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