Rate my best friend? I told him I can post a poll to see what people think of him?

He wants to see what his shot is with dating and HONESTY is what he wants with this poll!

Rate my best friend? I told him I can post a poll to see what people think of him? Running a tournament
Lead star in a soccer game
Volunteering to help students

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Maybe I should have included more realistic pictures of him actually smiling because he always is! He told me not to but I should have went against his will... I'll do it in the next poll and compare the results 😜


Most Helpful Girl

  • He's average, shit I'm average, we all can't be super models lol

    • So true! I'm average too! He has this tendency to think that no girl could ever like him, that's why I made this poll, so average is something that exceeds that goal 😂.

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    • So tell your friend that a girl thinks he's cute lol , I don't like people feeling bad about their selves ;-)

    • Will do! He will appreciate it. I just can't stand when people are so hard on themselves when in reality there is no reason to be lol

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  • I'd say pretty average

  • Umm 7

  • he should grow his hair longer, i think it would suit him

  • He is not good looking at all or just not my type so just tell him keep on looking

    • Damn... Harsh but honest! Considering you are under 18, you aren't his demographic his is reaching out to anyways 😝

  • He needs to smile more

    • He told me to only post "serious" faces. Ironically he is always smiling

  • Why the long face...


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