Which path should I choose with this guy?

I've liked him for a good part of our friendship, and now I'm at this middle place where I'm trying to both be a pal and dating candidate at the same time and just sucking at both. I know I have to pick a path. But I can't decide whether it's better to trash a lifetime of friendship to try to be the flirtatious out of reach vixen that he might want but might reject, or to surrender my dreams and always be there for him only to just be the overlooked sidekick in his love story. (As far as what is good for him, he needs consistency from me, but other than that I think he'd be fine with any love given, whether friendship or romantic, but I can't tell if he lacks maturity or if he just needs a mature lover.) Any advice?


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  • Go for it your under 18. He won't trash your friendship over you liking him. Go for the romance. It is definitely worth the risk.

    • Thank you for your answer! As far as the friendship trashing part, a concern of mine is that in the past he has been insensitive to girl's feelings when he didn't return them, and their friendship fell apart, essentially a double rejection. I'm scared of and don't know how to prevent this.

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    • Thanks! And good luck with your female friend!

    • Your welcome I hope that it works out for you two.

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  • Tough decision. Do you think he likes you as much as you like him?

    • Thanks for your answer! In answer to your question, I doubt he likes me as much as I like him. He used to, but nowadays If anything, he likes me but not enough to do anything about it, if you know what I mean. But I always hoped that if maybe I took a chance or did something different he would see me in a whole new light.

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