Should I bother with him?

We went on some pretty fantastic dates. There was no awkwardness, it wasn't many but I don't catch the feels easily. But I caught them and he seemed to like me. We had a date setup and he ghosted me. Which to me is just super rude. If you lose interest in someone you should at least be decent enough to say them.

But recently he came back into my life. We talked about past relationships before this and he went through a fucked up one and so have I. So since he has come back he messages me everyday, he says everything you'd want him to he wants to hang out. So I asked him why. He said that a girl came back from his past and it got complicated and he went back with her which I knew he had a girlfriend since he's on my facebook.

I just don't know if I should bother. I can't complain that he went back to his ex. If mine came back, back then I probably would have as well. But should I waste my time on someone like that? I need advice. I know what my friends will say but I think they're only going to say it because they love me.

Other side of this is after almost a year I made a horrible mistake of catching the feels for my friends with benefits which usually means I run far away. But I don't know if he's interested in more or not. I won't waste my time with that one I'll be straight forward with him. But it makes no logical sense.


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  • Go for the guy who ghosted you, he seems like a keeper. And any guy who becomes a friends-with-benefits is usually a dick

    • I put the friends with benefits there. I made the conditions. Just because people like sex doesn't make people assholes or dicks. If everyone is aware of what's going on then there is no one in the wrong but the person trying to make it into more.

      I appreciate your opinion

  • You're friends aren't only saying what I'm sure may be the same thing im about to just because they love you, but because they are giving you an outside perspective. Should you bother with someone who essentially chose his ex over you? Totally not. It would have to be some serious shit to justify him going back, like she's having his baby, they have kids together and want to be a family, etc. Other than that, he couldn't get a second chance from me. I'd feel like I was his rebound, and that he decided she was better than me. I'd have to be the girl he missed out on and walk away.

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