If I tell my friend that I like her, will this ruin our friendship?

there's this girl that i like but, the problem is that im moving away for school for 2 years and, i want to tell her that i like her before i leave cause i know that when i come back she'll for sure have a boyfriend. In fact, i want to kiss her before i leave. But how do i do that? You could say that her and i are best friends but if i tell her that i like her and kiss her will i ruin our friendship?

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  • The best relationships are rage ones that are friends at first


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  • The 'friendship' ceased to exist the moment you started 'liking' her. There is no definition when one person likes the other, and the other sees him/her a s a friend. So yeah, go ahead and confess to her. The friendship doesn't even exist anymore, so it can't be ruined.


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  • If she's really your best friend, it'll be okay.