Is he mad at me?

This guy and I are pretty close, and I like him and he likes me. I started talking about another guy, and once I did, he started giving short replies. Then I was supposed to hang out with the other guy, and he seemed sort of upset over text with it, so I cancelled on the other guy. He seemed a little better, but then I brought up the other guy again to see what he would do, and again he started giving one word replies, I asked what was wrong, and he said why, I asked again and he said nothing. Then I told him he seemed mad, he said he wasn't and said sorry if it came across like that. Then the next day, he told him not to think I was mad at him, and he hopes he isn't mad at me. Is he upset at me? Sad about the other guy? What do I do?


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  • first off, why would you bring up another guy if you are talking to him? big mistake and then keep bringing it up when you know it is bothering him by his change of behavior? then ask why he is mad when you know why? Hun, stop it. You are pushing him away by doing this.

    Why are you doing that to see what he will do? you already know what he has done when you do it. Now your just playing games and gonna loose him if you dont stop. Never do that again. Its disrespect

  • He is not mad or upset.
    He is just jealous.
    try not to bring second guy during your conversation.