I'm having trouble connecting with women on POF?

I've been utilizing the dating site POF for a couple of months now and I'm noticing that I'm having a very difficult time connecting with women on this site I've created a very effective message to send out two girls I read profiles and send out messages based off what I read very friendly my profile is very open and yet for whatever reason I get a lot of people who I meet me up a lot of people who view my profile but very rarely does any of the women I message to respond back very rarely does any other women you see my profile send me a message. Too nice pictures of us on my profile one picture of me his suit and one picture of me from my shoulders up smiling. I'm very respectful and all the messages I send and I send messages to everyone variety in diversity women. Even send messages to women in different states and towns because I was starting to think that maybe it was just the geographical location I was in that was the problem. Living in South Carolina Solis is an issue to a certain degree however I'm not even getting responses back from African American girls so it is clearly something I could do better.

So basically what I'm looking for advice on what I could do better what I could say in the messages I'm sending out and possibly even have someone look at my POF profile and tell me what about it could be better but I could change what I could bad what I could take away but pictures will be better to add what I could improve about myself that I can also throw on there.

I choose to do online dating is because you can make a much wider range of people that way as opposed to actually I'm going out to meet others no face-to-face interaction is certainly effective and preferred where I currently live is not very feasible.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • The best advice I could give is this. In your "about me" section put exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you keep it positive, dont say things like "I don't want this or that". Just say "If you have an awesome sense of humor, workout, eat well, great communicator, etc" If there are more characteristics, list them like that. And at the end of that section add this, "If this describes you, send me a message!" And along with that, dont keep sending out messages, cause women recieve hundreds a day, and its much easier if women message you first, that way you know they too are interested in you as well. So hope this helps, good luck!

    • What can I have to my profile to make women when a message me

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  • "I'm having trouble connecting with women on POF?"

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