Why women want ugly unnatractive guys to stay ugly and unnatractive?

Just curious as i'm a ugly unnatractive guy myself. Asked for opinions on how to improve in another thread i made but got almost no replies.

Every guy wants to improve, so why holding back instead of saying what's on your minds? I for one surely wanted to know what's wrong me, at least i could move on to other stuff.

Is that the way women do natural selection? Ugly guys need to stay ugly so there's a balance?


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  • Wait. So you got no replies, and now suddenly women must want unattractive guys to stay ugly/ unattractive? You sound abnormally insecure.

    • of course. insecurity / confidence those are all excuses to tell the ugly guy, oh dont give up, im sure you will find someone in your lifetime... hopefully (sarcastic smile on). it's really all about confidence, you dont need to change anything, you look just fine (keep coping).

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    • no i leave those for construction workers

    • Worth a shot. Anyways since this is getting nowhere I wish you luck.

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  • they want you to stay ugly so that you don't leave them for someone better.

    but not all women are like this.

    if you were with me, I would just try to improve myself with you and we could be hot together, you know? :)

    • i wish i would know what to change really i do

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  • These women are generally the type to be insecure, narcissistic, and have the fear of being abandoned. They typically have low self-esteem and can't stand having a man that has more self-esteem than them because they are less likely to control and manipulate.