Are his words sincere?

Two years ago he would act distant with me, always cancel plans on me, just wouldn't take me seriously even though we had a strong connection so I hooked up with someone else since we weren't exclusive. When he asked me, I admitted I had been with someone else and he started ignoring me. I woul find out till a few months later when he reached back out to me and started sweet talking me saying he missed me and of course I missed him too cause we did have a connection if it wasn't for him being a distant asshole. I found out he had knocked up a girl and was lying to me about it so I left him. Every few months since then he would message, like, or poke me on facebook. The last time being a day after his birthday. I ignored him each time. A few days ago he reached out again and this time I responded calling him a punk bitch and he just went on with the same stuff he told me last time about how he missed me, had mad love for me, wanted to be with me, share his heart with me but had been scared he was falling for me, hasn't been able to stop thinking about me, doesn't want anyone else. blah blah. I told him that I didn't believe him. I told him it's because he's desperate. He said he was so sorry he knocked up another girl instead of fixing things with me and if we could be friends. I said I don't like him or his character and will never believe a single thing he says, told him that I would now block him so he doesn't get tempted to reach out to me anymore. I said bye and he responded see ya later. I blocked him.
Question: Is he sincere? Or am I right and that he is just feeling lonely and desperate? Either way I'm not interested in being with him or friends but I do want to know his mind set and why he bothers to say all these 'lovey' things. This is just to educate me for the future since I tend to fall for guys like him so I can watch out for red flags and the difference between sincerity and someone who is fake (just all talk).


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  • To be honest. I believe you did the right thing in thinking that he is full of it. If you love a girl or have feelings for her, then you wouldn't be so careless as to go around knocking people up, or even thinking of doing things so carelessly! I mean come on!