Would it be weird to ask this guy I just recently started seeing about advice on family issues?

We met a month ago; he's 28, I'm 21. We are casually seeing each other. He told me some things about him of which include that his dad cheated on his mom. And how it affected their family and how much he loves his mom.

last weekend, I found out my dad is cheating on my mom, sexually, not in an affair relationship, but by getting sexual pleasure from escorts.

Would it be okay to ask him for advice since he somewhat went through something similar? Or is that too much? Would it look bad? Come off badly? Or okay?

  • Yes ask him
  • No, don't
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Can you guys share why or why not


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  • Well it depends.

    Not everyone is a shoulder to lean on and some people are just cold hearted or dont care. You have to find out if he is a friend in every aspect of the meaning.

    Is he caring, patient, g ives good advices, checks on you regularly, encourages you for the better? These are all very important attributes to consider before places burdens or asking for advices/help from anyone.

    *My experience*


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